Be Girl - On a Mission To End Period Poverty

"Amazing things happen when women help other women." – Kasia Gospos.    

March 8th is International Women's Day.  

 As women, we are uniquely positioned to recognize both our own strengths and those of the women around us.  We can also see our struggle as someone who has been there…and has been able to rise above.  

Women in poverty are almost always the ones who bear the brunt of their situation. The responsibility of caring for the children, providing food and clothing for the family, and educating the next generation falls squarely on their shoulders. 

While in many places, women have made great strides, there is still more to be done. 

 In developing countries, educating girls is not always a priority…and even when girls are fortunate enough to attend school, many obstacles can hinder them from reaching their goals. One of these is something that those living in highly developed nations often take for granted—the ability to manage their monthly periods

 In many places, women and girls are shamed for what is a natural function. They are shunned, sometimes forced to live elsewhere each month, and in most cases miss school because they do not have access to sanitary products or cannot afford them. Disposable sanitary products are not available in all parts of the world, and homemade ones may not be effective. In places where disposables are available, they are expensive and can be unsanitary. 


Diana Sierra, the co-founder of Be Girl, has created the Be Girl PeriodPanty™, a beautiful and functional solution for these girls. It features a leak-proof bottom and a fillable mesh pocket that holds absorbent material to match a girl's unique cycle and flow. Made from stain-free fabric that minimizes the water needed for washing and dries indoors, the panties preserve a young woman's privacy and prevent environmental irritants' growth.   Be Girl believes that it is the "right of every girl to be proud every day of the month"  

Be Girl was established in 2014 as a social enterprise with the mission of making period protection radically accessible, empowering women and girls by eliminating menstruation as a barrier to opportunity.

COVID-19 has impacted the entire world, and one of the "secondary impacts" has been finding sanitary products. In places where they are available, prices have risen sharply, making them unaffordable. And as many have lost their jobs, any available income must be allocated for food, shelter, and clothing, leaving no money for "extras." 

Amano Artisans has partnered with Be Girl in the past, and we are proud to do so again to help alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic on women and girls around the world.

 In celebration of Women's History Month, we will donate 10% of all March profits to Be Girl to pay forward the gift of period protection so girls can live their lives to the fullest every day of the month. 

Every $10 donated gives One PeriodPanty

If you would like to learn more about Be Girl, you may do so at

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