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Father's Day 2022 Gift Guide

Artisans Treats He'll Love

Father's Day 2022 Gift Guide: Artisanal Treats He'll Love

He's always been there for us, showing us unconditional love and support. Father's Day is the
perfect opportunity to treat your dad, or father figure, to an extra special gift that will put a huge
smile on his face and warm his heart. How exactly can you do that? Skip the chain stores and
choose a one-of-a-kind artisanal gift!
By going the handmade or artisanal route, you'll give your dad a gift with supreme quality,
impeccable attention to detail, and remarkable individuality. Treat your dad to the same level of
love and care that he's always given you this Father's Day with an extra special gift.

Happy Father's Day!

Below we’re sharing 5 unique artisanal brands that have thoughtful gifts for all the different
types of dads out there. From the foodies to the explorers, we’ve got plenty of Father’s Day
gift ideas for you!

For the foodie dad

DIY Hot Sauce Kit by Uncommom Goods

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Engraved Cutting Boards by

Victoria P Design Shop

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For The Dad That Needs Pampering

Natural Skincare by Guy Lively

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For The Style-Savvy Dad

Leather Goods by Holtz Leather

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Last But Not Least

Men's Leather & Macrame Bracelet by Makarla

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Egyptian Loom Wellness Chakra Bracelet light made with 80 polyester threads with 7 gemstones representing each chakra. Adjustable Bracelet
Egyptian Loom Wellness Chakra Bracelet. Made with 80 polyester threads with 7 gemstones representing each chakra. Adjustable Bracelet on model
Egyptian Loom Wellness Chakra Bracelets
Egyptian Loom Bracelet Red Chakra Bracelet, with lateral sterling silver beads and coral gemstones, 40 threads bracelet
Egyptian Loom Bracelet 7 Chakras Bracelet, with gemstones on model, 40 threads bracelet
Egyptian Loom Beaded Chakra Bracelets
Adjustable Butterfly Gold Chocker Necklace Aqua
Adjustable Butterfly Gold Choker Necklace Aqua - Model
Butterfly Gold Choker Necklace
Butterfly Gold Bracelet Blue-Multi
Butterfly Gold Bracelet Red-Multi Model
Butterfly Gold Bracelet
Butterfly Gold Stud Colombian Earrings Front
Butterfly Gold Stud Colombian Earrings Model
Butterfly Gold Stud Earrings