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About Makarla

At Makarla, we create exclusive, handcrafted jewelry for the modern woman who wants to make a difference in the world. Through a winsome collection of hand-picked materials and a passion for delivering original pieces, we want your accessories to stand out everywhere you go. We believe that every piece is a conversation starter.

Made by Colombian artisans, our one-of-a-kind jewelry combines the beauty of our heritage with the mindfulness of our present. From blue summer nights to green mountains and broad horizons, we find inspiration in our surroundings and culture — packaging the essence of our country into beautiful designs.

Every piece of jewelry we create is a reflection of our country’s values and traditions.

By choosing Makarla, you’re joining a worldwide community of people who are working towards the same goal: to look good while doing good. Every accessory has a story behind it, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Founded by Carolina Pastrana in 2011

Through Makarla, I am committed to supporting individual artisans by creating meaningful opportunities for them. By connecting Colombian craftspeople with women across the world, we have created a thriving community where traditions are kept alive for generations to come.

I want to continue building a flourishing world in which people are cherished and admired. My hope is that you’ll find joy in empowering others while wearing unique accessories that make you feel good.



We select exclusive,
one-of-a-kind jewelry from Colombian artisans. 


You look good
with your stunning new accessories. 


You feel good,
knowing that you’re preserving Colombian culture and empowering families and communities.