Agua Marina Filigrana

Amano Artisans is excited to introduce our newest collection from Agua Marina Filigrana. We would like to introduce the talented designers behind this lovely collection—Luz Marina Velez and Camila Sanguino. 

Luz and Camila are from Cali, located on the Colombian/Ecuadorian border. They draw their inspiration from the landscape, cultures, flora and fauna of their beloved country, and their designs are drawn from Colombian history and culture. Their jewelry is designed for empowered women who proudly display their love for the country of Colombia.

They use precious metals, including silver, bronze, and copper, and semiprecious stones in their designs. Each piece is a work of art inspired by techniques that the artisans, jewelers, and indigenous Way have handed down from generation to generation, and is as unique as the artisan who made it. Every design tells a story of the different cultures that have come together to create the beauty and majesty that is Colombia.